The app that asks how you are - new uVida app now available

There's a lot going on at metabolic equipment manufacturer DYNOSTICS. In October, a comprehensive rebranding and changes in the management were already announced. Under the new brand name uVida, the company is developing a new exercise & nutrition app. At FIBO, the app will be presented to the general public for the first time and combined with an unbeatable offer for uVida Dynostics equipment purchases.

Redesigning the Customer Journey

"When developing the app, we asked ourselves what was missing for our B2B partners and their end customers. Until now, the customer journey at DYNOSTICS began with the execution of a metabolic analysis and was then over when the results of the analysis were transferred to the app," explains Product Owner Dominik Wagner.

Perfect for some of the B2B partners who can provide the support and training and nutrition planning for their end customers themselves. However, many providers of the analyses cannot provide comprehensive follow-up support due to time and/or personnel constraints.

The uVida app therefore not only includes the valuable analysis and evaluation of the analysis results, divided into the areas of activity (formerly performance) and food (formerly nutrition), but also provides the tested person with comprehensive exercise and nutrition recommendations digitally in his or her pocket. This is accompanied by tracking functions for activity and nutrition in the app, which translate the pure recommendation into actual implementation in life and make the adjustments easy to implement.

Not leaving the end customer alone after his analysis

In the future, uVida B2B partners will be able to decide whether they want to provide aftercare themselves or use the uVida app as a digital coach for their customers. With an extensive information area with instruction videos and articles as well as an integrated chat function, via which the end customers can directly contact the sports and nutrition scientists of the uVida Academy, the app guarantees professional aftercare via the smartphone. For B2B partners, this offers the opportunity to be relieved and thus to focus more on their core competencies in areas such as physiotherapy, nutritional counseling, rehabilitation, personal training, medicine or fitness. The uVida app encourages the user to "keep at it" and supports with additional motivation. Always with the goal of increasing demand for our B2B partners.

The combination of analysis, automatic creation of individual planning in the area of nutrition and training based on the analysis values as well as the support through the app, is a real unique selling point on the market of fitness & nutrition apps.

An exciting future for uVida

A personal, digital assistant that supports 24/7 care via app is already in development and numerous other new app functions will follow. In addition, further "change-of-life" processes are to be successfully accompanied with high-quality analysis technology through additional analysis products in the coming years, e.g. with uVida without gaining weight to becoming a non-smoker. As so far with the metabolism analysis by uVida DYNOSTICS, the healthy body as well as the "medicines" movement and nutrition are in the focus.

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