The fascinating truth about your breathing rate.

Did you know that your breathing rate reveals more about you than you might think? Our breathing is not only vital, but also contains valuable information about our metabolism and our health. In this blog post, you will find out what insights your breathing rate provides and how uVida uses this to improve your diet, training and exercise [...].

Do you know what information lies in your breath?

Get to know your breath with uVida and find out what important information it carries! Nowadays, the internet is an inexhaustible source of information. But when it comes to health, exercise and nutrition, there are many half-truths and dangerous half-knowledge circulating. uVida clears this up and provides you with scientifically sound facts. [...]

Losing weight made easy.

Do you want to lose weight and finally achieve your personal feel-good goal? Then you've found your solution with uVida! With their metabolic analyses and the uVida app, they offer the perfect tool to lose weight effectively. uVida analyzes your individual metabolism via your breath and creates a tailor-made nutrition plan based on the results. No rigid diets or non-personalized [...]

uVida Activity: exercise and training tailored to your goals and possibilities

The scientific basis of uVida Activity is based on extensive studies and research results. The analysis of respiratory gases enables a precise assessment of your overall physical condition. Based on this, you receive personalized exercise and training recommendations that are tailored to your individual needs and goals. Now there's just one question: do you want to achieve your health and fitness goals effectively and [...]

uVida Food: Your key to healthy nutrition

With uVida Food Analysis, you have an innovative solution to take your nutrition to the next level. On an analytical basis, uVida offers easy-to-perform metabolic analysis to understand your individual nutritional needs and give you customized recommendations. Lose weight and improve your health sustainably - it's easy with uVida If you want to start [...]

Why metabolic analyses are so important for everyone

Discover the power of your metabolism with uVida. With uVida's metabolic analyses, you understand how your body works and learn to listen to its voice. Find the perfect balance between diet and exercise! You deserve personalized recommendations and no stored formulas in fitness trackers to finally achieve your goals. No more guessing and trying, [...]

The app that asks how you are - new uVida app now available

A lot is happening at metabolic device manufacturer DYNOSTICS. A comprehensive rebranding and changes to the management team were announced back in October. The company is developing a new exercise and nutrition app under the new brand name uVida. At FIBO, the app will be presented to the general public for the first time, with an unbeatable offer for the uVida [...].

uVida at FIBO 2023

We are ready and looking forward to the first FIBO with a new look! New brand name, everything green instead of blue, but of course we'll have the original at the trade fair: our tried and tested uVida Dynostics metabolic analyzer! We look forward to seeing you at our uVida stand in hall 8 - stand number B52 at FIBO. Learn about the versatility [...]

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Great, let's talk!

We look forward to coordinating your offer with you and resolving any outstanding issues.