IFI x uVida cooperation: the next step in professional sports

uVida has been an official cooperation partner since 2021 of the International Football Institute.

IFI is that leading competence center in soccer and acts as a consultant / Qualifier / Performance optimizer and analyst. Together with the University of Applied Management (HAM) and the German University of Applied Sciences for Health & Sport (DHGS) offers the International Football Institute students the opportunity to take part in a wide range of training and further education programs. at the highest academic level to complete.

uVida's simple, smart and mobile implementation of an analysis system has opened up access to a affordable metabolic and performance analysis at the highest medical level and thus revolutionized the market. By analyzing the metabolism at rest and under adequate stress, the state of the metabolism in the respective situation can be visually displayed and interpreted. Contemporary training and balanced diet requires a good knowledge of your own physiological requirements. Only those who know the optimum heart rate range for their own fat metabolism can adapt their training sessions accordingly and achieve the best results. above-average performance achieve.

Through the cooperation with IFI receives uVida further insights into an extensive portfolio of consulting services as well as scientific research, studies in the field of general soccer management and other sports sciences, such as the Diagnostics and performance management in soccer. This enables us to learn more valuable methods in the sport of soccer and to further expand and improve our analysis programs. optimize for the sport of soccer.

We are very pleased about the new opportunities and the Joint cooperation with IFI and are excited about what the future holds!

You can find further information at: https://www.international-football-institute.com/

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