uVida Food: Your key to healthy nutrition

With uVida Food Analysis you have an innovative solution to optimize your diet to the next level. On an analytical basis, uVida offers easy-to-implement Metabolic analysesto understand your individual nutritional needs and give you customized recommendations.


Lose weight and improve your health - easy with uVida

If you are struggling with weight issues, uVida Food can help you better understand the causes. By analyzing your metabolism, you gain insight into your personal current calorie consumption and the distribution of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Based on your personal goals, uVida will use this information to develop the appropriate nutritional strategies.

However, uVida Food does not only offer benefits for weight loss. uVida Food can also help with health problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. By better understanding your metabolism, you can target and adapt your diet to your conditions to reduce further risks and improve your health.


Every body is different - tailor your diet to your needs.

The scientific basis of uVida Food is based on a measurement procedure that has been used for many decades and is scientifically proven. uVida has managed to make these complex and difficult to understand metabolic analysis procedures simple, fast and understandable through high-tech solutions such as their analyzer and the uVida App.

Don't forget: When it comes to health, there are very rarely universal solutions, because you are an individual and have your own story! In summary, what works well for one person may not be optimal for another.


Don't wait any longer - now is the right time!

Are you interested in a metabolic analysis? Then go to our location finder and find a partner near you who offers our uVida Food & Activity analyses!

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