uVida Activity: exercise and training tailored to your goals and possibilities

The scientific basis of uVida Activity is based on extensive studies and research. The analysis of the respiratory gases enables a precise recording of your overall physical condition. Based on this, you will receive personalized exercise and training recommendations that are tailored to your individual needs and goals.


Now there is only one question left:

Do you want to achieve your health and fitness goals effectively and without detours?

uVida Activity offers you a solution that is right for you. By measuring your respiration during physical activity, uVida Activity (Spiroergometry) we determine the fingerprint of your energy metabolism. Thus, uVida meets you exactly where you are at and gives you the opportunity to plan your health and fitness journey right from the start, adapting to your time and physical possibilities. Whether the goal of your journey is weight loss, getting fit & healthy, performance enhancement or body shaping, you alone decide!


How good does that sound?

You can have a uVida activity analysis carried out at all our uVida partners benefit from all these advantages. Immediately afterwards, you will have your individual heart rate ranges available in the uVida app in addition to many other values, matched to your goal. This allows you to optimize the structure of your next steps and get the most out of the process.

For example, if you If you're struggling to improve your stamina, uVida Activity can help you find out why and adapt the training intensity to you. Would you like to lose body weight gently but permanently, we will find out in which pulse window your fat metabolism is active so that you don't fall into the yo-yo trap.

Furthermore uVida Activity is ideal for people with health restrictions. Taking the metabolism into account, exercise can be a very effective medicine to lower blood pressure, for example, or to regulate stress hormone levels.

Discover all the other benefits of uVida Activity and take your health and fitness to the next level with the support of our partners and the uVida Academy!


Don't wait any longer - now is the right time!

Are you interested in a metabolic analysis? Then go to our location finder and find a partner near you who offers our uVida Activity analyses!

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