Performance analysis as customer loyalty in the gym

Individual performance analysis as a future-proof customer loyalty measure in the fitness studio

You want to offer your clients a customized training program with added value? You want to transparently present the client's performance improvement in order to involve the client even more directly in their progress? You want your clients to train based on individually determined performance ranges and not receive "off the shelf" training?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, then you owe it to your customers to think about individual measurement options for determining the individual pulse ranges. Medical progress has also brought significant innovations in the areas of performance physiology, especially in lactate measurement and spiroergometry. For example, a professional spiroergometry device is no longer a large, stationary device that can only be operated by specialists and whose results must be evaluated by a sports physician. Modern devices are lighter than half a kilogram and hardly larger than the required breathing mask.

What is spiroergometry and what can it do?

Spiroergometry refers to the measurement of respiratory gases in exhaled air. For this purpose, the member wears a tight-fitting face mask to which a measuring unit is attached. By determining certain respiratory gas parameters such as respiratory minute volume, oxygen uptake, carbon dioxide release and respiratory rate, optimal conclusions can be drawn about the current circulatory situation and whether the anaerobic threshold has been reached. The anaerobic threshold corresponds to the highest possible exercise intensity that can just be maintained by a state of equilibrium between the formation and breakdown of lactate. This is measured under physical stress so that statements can be made about the current situation with regard to the heart, circulation, breathing and metabolism as well as cardiopulmonary performance.

The corresponding display of the collected information ensures a simple interpretation of the measurement - an expensive evaluation by a sports physician is no longer necessary. Modern, portable devices can be used flexibly on a cardio machine. By selecting the initial load and the increase steps, the individual pulse ranges can be determined directly within the framework of an approximately 10-minute step test.

What are the benefits of spiroergometry for the client?

Spiroergometry is a non-invasive procedure. This means that no blood has to be taken as in the case of lactate measurement - only breathing is performed via a special mask, with which the composition of the respiratory gases is measured within the inhaled and exhaled air. In addition to determining the pulse ranges, a very accurate conclusion can be drawn about the individual training condition and the corresponding fitness level. Simply put, you get the exact pulse ranges for, for example, regeneration training, fat metabolism training or cardiovascular training. This puts an end to endless torture in much too high pulse ranges for fat burning and the corresponding potential for frustration due to the lack of progress or rapid fatigue.

In modern medicine, it has long been known that there are sometimes significant differences not only between the sexes. In addition to gender medicine, which takes this fact into account, the path is increasingly moving in the direction of individual medicine. Therapies such as corresponding drug dosages are individualized - they vary from person to person in order to achieve the same effect. This does not stop in the area of personal training. Rough rules of thumb and supposedly generally valid pulse range tables with the perfect ranges can hardly meet the own, really correct pulse range. The result is training at the wrong intensity - at best, the personal goal cannot be optimally achieved, and most of the time, training is completely missed.

What are the benefits of spiroergometry for the trainer?

As a professional personal trainer or fitness coach, you know that lactate measurement and spiroergometry are the gold standard for determining personal fitness levels and individual performance areas. In the field of elite sports it has been practiced for years, but the exact performance analysis is becoming more and more interesting for mass sports as well. Without individual performance ranges, any training is to a certain extent a shot in the dark - 95 percent of all recreational athletes train incorrectly!


Modern, mobile spiroergometry devices provide you with a powerful tool for efficient training planning in a short time (one measurement sequence takes about 10 minutes). Through direct evaluation and display of the determined performance ranges, a time-consuming and expensive evaluation by a doctor is no longer necessary. With the graphical representation on corresponding apps, you get the client directly on board. The current fitness level is determined, the optimal performance ranges for achieving the individual goal are displayed and a progress control is possible. This allows you to meet your client individually right before the first training session, assess them better and create an appropriate training plan much more quickly. The increased customer satisfaction through measurable and faster results naturally also prevents fluctuation among customers - you get loyal and satisfied clients.

Adaptation to the different sports

The modern spiroergometry devices are as handy as the required face mask, which should be as close as possible to the face. Depending on the preferred sport, they can choose the test situation. Thus, for runners, the measurement on the treadmill will be the most meaningful, for cyclists you will choose a bicycle ergometer for testing. The measurement is displayed on a portable device such as a tablet or cell phone. There is no need to refer the client to a performance diagnostics center. In contrast to the pure value tables of clinical evaluations, you receive a graphical evaluation with which the member can also do something. Thus, a progress control and the progress through the training is possible in a particularly motivating way. A measurement should usually be repeated every 3-4 months. Bind the customer permanently to you.

Equipment price

An important selection criterion is of course the expected costs. While some time ago spiroergometers were still large investments in the price range of a mid-range car, the price of a good, mobile device has now dropped significantly. Depending on the number of clients recorded, additional license fees - one-time or monthly - may be incurred. In addition to the device itself, the usability and the scope of services of the corresponding app for tablet or cell phone are of course also relevant. Feel free to contact us for a non-binding, customized offer.

Selection criteria

As with any device, it is worth comparing prices in this area. Important key data are the number of clients for whom you need a spiroergometry. Also consider the possible measurements per client and year covered by the license fees through the app. To save yourself and the client additional costs for follow-up, at least four, preferably six measurements per year should be covered by the license and thus be feasible.

What should the app of an appropriate spiroergometry system be able to do?

The app is the flagship of your new offering, so to speak. It is the tool with which the customer works and should therefore be intuitive to use. At the same time, the evaluation by the app shows the trainer the relevant information to be able to offer a customized training per client. The app must also visibly prepare this information - the corresponding performance ranges and the fitness level of the client - at a glance. If training groups with similar fitness levels are to be formed, for example for spinning sessions or at sports clubs, automatic grouping is convenient and saves time.

For customers, performance comparisons with other training partners are interesting and motivating. A graphical representation of the improvement of one's own values, such as the fitness level, can also have a motivating effect on personal training. The result is a win-win situation: Your member is motivated and achieves the set goals thanks to you. You gain a loyal client, for whom you can put together an individual training program with little effort and regularly present and monitor progress. The chances of winning your offer with manageable coststo further professionalize and to achieve a correspondingly fast 'return of investment' before the competition does, are currently very good with their own spiroergometry device.

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