DYNO TV #6: Fat metabolism

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Fat metabolism & fat metabolism area

Under the term Fat metabolism is the term used to describe all physiological processes related to the absorption, utilization and excretion of lipids. In sports and training science, the Fat metabolism is of particular importance, here the focus is on the type of energy supply through the body's fat reserves. Depending on the individual's constitution, training status and ability to regenerate, the pulse and load ranges in which the most favorable fat utilization takes place differ. This optimal heart rate range can be determined by analyzing your breathing gas at rest and during exercise.


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What does fat metabolism mean and why is the fat metabolism area important for me?

Our body provides the energy that we use during physical activity to a large extent by accessing existing fat reserves. This takes place under oxygen consumption and is therefore also known as aerobic metabolism is called anaerobic. Energy production without oxygen consumption (anaerobic), on the other hand, only utilizes carbohydrates.

The Pulse and load rangeThe point at which fat is most heavily accessed as an energy resource depends on the individual's training status and is therefore different for everyone. The more effectively someone trains, the better and longer their body is able to access the high-quality energy source of fat under stress. This preserves the body's glycogen energy stores for longer and prevents anaerobic metabolism - and therefore "over-acidification" of the body due to the glycogen breakdown product lactate at rest and during exercise.

The high oxygen affinity of the human metabolism under stress is closely related to the speed of personal regeneration capacity: the higher the Fat metabolism under stress, the longer aerobic energy production takes place and the faster our body recovers after physical and mental stress. Regular, targeted training in the aerobic load range therefore leads to a permanently improved ability to regenerate, which in turn has many positive health effects, such as

- a permanent reduction in blood pressure,
- a reduction in the body fat percentage,
- a reduction in adrenaline and an increase in melatonin levels, which leads to an improvement in sleep quality,
- the enhancement of mental well-being

Modern training requires a good knowledge of your own physiological requirements. Only those who know the optimum heart rate range for their own fat metabolism can adapt their training sessions accordingly. The best way to determine your individual fat metabolism is to carry out a respiratory gas analysis at rest and during exercise. With uVida, a respiratory gas analysis can be carried out quickly and easily. The measured results are automatically analyzed and evaluated, after which an individually created training program can be started immediately.


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