Melanie - On the way to success without yo-yo effect

Melanie lost over 40 kg last year on a radical "shake diet". Unfortunately, the success did not last long, because a short time later she had already gained 20 kg again.

Now she has declared war on her kilos once again. But this time without a too promising crash diet with subsequent yo-yo effect, but healthy and effective, with training tailored to her body and appropriate nutrition.

She is supported by personal trainer Martina Altmannsberger and uVida. The starting signal was given with the analysis of her metabolism, at rest and under stress. The values determined individually in this way form the basis for optimally coordinated training and the right diet - without any average values or inaccurate rules of thumb.
With the uVida training and nutrition plans and the support of personal trainer Martina Altmannsberger, Melanie is now off to a healthy and effective start. We will accompany her on her way and wish her a good and successful start into her new and healthier life, completely without yo-yo effect.


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The yoyo effect

If you want to optimize your body weight, restricting your diet alone is not enough. Finally diets usually lead to the fact that the weight lost quickly returned.In this case one speaks of the so-called yoyo effect.So reducing food alone does little. Sport and nutrition must complement each other!

Diets are phases in which food choice and quantity are restricted, based on the assumption that reduced energy intake can automatically lead to a reduction in body fat.

Unfortunately, this approach is wrong, because it does not take into account that hormonal feedbacks and interactions of messenger substances in the human body inevitably influence on metabolic processes. If food intake is restricted, this inevitably results in altered activity of body cells. Consequence of the restricted energy intake is a decreasing energy consumption (basal metabolic rate).Scientists speak of adaptive thermogenesis (AT).

The curbed energy consumption means that reduced food intake is not necessarily further accompanied by weight reduction.

At first, this often manifests itself in a plateauwhere the weight loss does not progress further. The much quoted yoyo effect usually appears after the end of a diet phase: Since the energy consumption has decreased due to the restricted food intake, even the intake of the usual amount of food is sufficient to generate an energy surplus. In addition, hormonal reactions and feedbacks ensure that the fat depots, which are simple "energy stores" for the body, are replenished as far as possible. This results in a body weight gain and the yoyo effect is immediately noticeable!

For example, a U.S. study was able to follow up 14 participants of "The biggest loser". All 14 study participants showed a reduced basal metabolic rate even six years after the end of the diet marathon: Their bodies consumed about 500 kilocalories (about 25%) less per day at rest compared with a person of the same weight who had not undergone a diet. This explains why all participants without exception regained significant weight, averaging 41 kg (Fothergill et al., 2016).

In order to optimally address the topic of weight reduction, it is necessary to know and objectify the individual metabolic processes. The basal metabolic rate can be recorded spirometrically (uVida Food) and, in addition, the metabolic ranges under stress can also be measured via the respiratory gases (uVida Activity). With this knowledge can be precisely tailored dietary adjustments and exercise programs (strength and endurance training) created. This is essential, to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

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