Metabolism as a recipe for success: Analytics for more members

Individual training ensures effective success

With the metabolic analysis, the trainer gains an insight into the personal metabolic situation and performance of a person. The training can thus be tracked more effectively and the associated training goals can be achieved more quickly.

The metabolic analysis

The metabolic or respiratory gas analysis is used in the training area for a detailed analysis of the metabolism. The parameters collected in the course of the analysis allow valid statements to be made about the current metabolic situation of the person being tested. By combining this with other individual parameters and the person's ability to regenerate, an overall picture can be created which, although it is only a snapshot, can serve as a good basis for an individual nutrition and training program: The progress that can be achieved in the course of training on the basis of these programs becomes particularly comprehensible for the trainee through comparison with the initial situation and thus has an additional motivating effect.

Effective, goal-oriented and holistic training

The data collected can be used to determine a person's individual basal metabolic rate, which depends on many other factors in addition to height, gender and age and can only be roughly estimated without exact values - a classic example of planning errors during training. Likewise, the proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in the burn can be determined, which helps the tested persons to gain a deeper insight into the correlation between nutrition and training effects. Basically, all training-relevant parameters are recorded and evaluated via the metabolism - the breath analysis of uVida thus represents the best basis for an effective training.

Tracking for training success

By gaining a better insight into the bodily functions that can be activated through nutritional adaptation and training, exercisers usually develop a more conscious relationship with their own bodies and ultimately a stronger confidence in their own abilities.

The changes that targeted training brings about over time are to be made visible and thus easily traceable. In this way, they make a significant contribution to effective tracking of training success.

uVida makes it possible to determine which type of strength training method in functional training best suits the initial physical condition of the trainee. This knowledge greatly facilitates the decision between strength endurance and hypertrophy training. By means of prior respiratory gas analysis, it is easy and quick to find out which training method a person responds to best - the ratio between strength endurance training and hypertrophy training can thus be optimally matched to the trainee.

With diagnostics to business success

Owners or personal trainers naturally ask themselves whether such an investment is worthwhile. In advance it can be said that the systems are refinanced by an advance sale even often before delivery, but usually already 3-4 months after the purchase.

This does not even include the undoubtedly positive effects on customer loyalty and customer satisfaction, which also have a financial impact.

The implementation of mobile, smart testing and analysis devices in the gym not only optimizes customer care, but also has the potential to retain existing customers in the long term. Due to the qualitative upgrading of the trainer or studio without great additional effort for members and staff, an expansion of the customer base can also be expected in the long term.

Procedure of the analysis

The individual breathing gas parameters are recorded via a special mask that is put on. The exhaled air is then analyzed for its exact composition for about five minutes. In conjunction with the uVida DYNOSTICS analyzer and the associated app, the results can be read immediately after the measurement. The functions of the app largely correspond to those of professional calorimetry in a sports medicine institute. They provide exact as well as high-quality results, but no medical trained personnel is necessary to perform them.

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