What is the benefit of a metabolic analysis at rest?

Customers of fitness studios or personal trainers have different needs: For some, the focus is on muscle building, strength and endurance, while others expect the training in the studio to improve their health or want to lose a few excess kilos. Especially for this second target group, a professionally conducted metabolic analysis brings great benefits. Depending on the personal actual condition at the beginning of the sessions, the requirements for effective training are highly different. The better the individual physiological conditions are known, the more precisely trainers can respond to them. This knowledge is even indispensable for the creation of targeted nutrition and training plans.

How to create a basal metabolic rate measurement?

Usually this is done via the so-called Respiratory gas analysisA respiratory mask is placed on the test person, through which the exhaled air is analyzed and the individual respiratory gas values O2, CO2 and RQ are recorded. With the help of these values, an exact inventory of the metabolic function of the tested person can be created. In conjunction with other parameters collected, such as the current BMI, an overall picture is obtained, which in turn provides relevant data for the creation of a personal nutrition program. Particularly important are the determination of the Basal metabolic rate, i.e. the number of calories the body burns at rest per day, and the nutrient distribution, which describes, what percentage of carbohydrates, fat and protein a person burns individually.The determination of these values is also known under the technical term calorimetry and is a common procedure in nutritional and sports medicine to determine the metabolic rate. For a long time, calorimetry was reserved for medical professionals. Both the operation of the equipment used to perform the analysis and the evaluation of the measured values required a high level of expertise and, not least, the corresponding calculation skills.

But how do you calculate these values?

Even with the further development of calorimetry and simplified methods for calculating energy metabolism, metabolic analysis used to take a lot of time for trainers. This is no longer the case: with modern analysis equipment, all the necessary measurements can be carried out within a few minutes. Specific expertise is not required, and the collection and evaluation of the measured values is completely automated.

Metabolic analyses directly in the studio or with the personal trainer: A smart analysis device with app makes it possible

All that is needed is the uVida DYNOSTICS analyzer and individual uVida app - and of course a motivated customer! After donning the respiratory mask and uncomplicated activation of the app for about five minutes at rest the composition of the expired air is recorded. The measurement results are available immediately after the test via the uVida app. This means that for customers of fitness studios or personal trainers, a complete nutrition plan can be provided on the very first day and after a single analysis, based on the exact measurement of their individual metabolic properties. The advantage for customers is obvious: they save themselves a time-consuming and expensive appointment at a sports medicine institute, but still receive a professionally conducted metabolic analysis with the same precision and quality. And the fitness studios and personal trainers also benefit - support becomes more individualized, targets are easier to achieve, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty increase. Another plus point for gym owners is that the initial cost of the smart analysis tools is now not very high, and a rapid return on investment can be assumed due to improved customer loyalty and new customer acquisition.

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