The new trend: profit-generating analytical devices in health and fitness facilities

The uVida DYNOSTICS metabolic analysis device with its two analysis modes uVida Food and uVida Activity is a mobile, smart and innovative tool that represents a perfect alternative to the well-known sports medicine analysis options. For companies in the health and fitness sector, it offers an excellent opportunity for long-term customer loyalty. The investment costs are so low that the purchase usually pays for itself after only six months.


How the uVida metabolic analysis works

The functionality of the uVida DYNOSTICS analysis system is quickly explained. It has two functions that determine the essential parameters for training and nutrition planning by means of metabolic analysis at rest and under stress.

With uVida Food the individual basal metabolic rate can be determined, the evaluation provides the basis for an individual nutrition plan, including macronutrient distribution (carbohydrates, fat, protein).

uVida Activity analyzes the metabolic situation under stress in the context of a spiroergometry - the results are the starting point for a sustainable training plan, incl. individual pulse ranges for each training session.

The results of the two analyses enable physical therapists, fitness trainers and health consultants to address the individual needs of their clients in an even more targeted manner.

Advantages of uVida compared to a conventional sports medicine analysis

The described combination of professionally conducted and correctly interpreted metabolic and performance analysis is now one of the standards for creating an effective training plan. Only in this way can the pulse ranges be determined in a targeted manner so that customers can sustainably lose weight, build muscle or increase their performance.

With the uVida DYNOSTICS metabolic analysis device, this can be achieved just as precisely as with a traditional sports medicine analysis. However, uVida offers a variety of advantages that do not arise in the context of a traditional metabolic and performance analysis. On the customer side, this is above all the time saved by carrying out the analyses directly in the studio. There is no need for additional appointments, and training planning takes place on the spot immediately after the analysis. A professional metabolic analysis carried out in a sports medical institution, on the other hand, is not only time-consuming but also cost-intensive. Highly qualified personnel are needed to perform and evaluate the spiroergometry, draw up training plans, etc. - a factor that is reflected in the costs accordingly.

For fitness studio operators, the advantages are obvious. By offering a metabolic analysis that can be carried out quickly and easily, including the creation of an individual nutrition and training plan, customer loyalty increases, training successes are achieved more quickly, are more sustainable if carried out regularly, and can be checked at any time using the app.

With the uVida DYNOSTICS metabolic analyzer, there is an interesting combination: The increase in quality in the work with and on people with simultaneous economic efficiency of the investment provides convincing arguments for studio operators and other providers from the health and fitness industry. An additional bonus is the wide range of possible applications for the smart app: whether for the individual design of nutrition and training strategies, as an attractive offer in workplace health promotion or for the design of exciting action days for clubs - with the decision for a DYNOSTICS device, the options become more diverse than ever before.

Simple turnover, straight profit

When deciding to work with a smart metabolic analyzer, costs naturally also play a role. Economic efficiency is an important basic principle of entrepreneurial activity. Every planned investment should therefore be examined with regard to its expected return. It is worth making comparisons here: Let's first take a look at conventional analysis systems of the same quality. These systems are currently sold on the market for 5 to 10 times as much. However, these costs only include the technical components of the systems, costs of professional evaluation by sports scientists or sports physicians are not yet included. Such an investment is hardly possible for any company in the current market situation in the fitness, therapy and personal training sectors.

At the same time, metabolic analyses at rest and under stress are experiencing ever-increasing demand from end customers. Not only competitive athletes benefit from such measurements, but especially amateurs, hobby athletes and patients.  

This is where the advantages of uVida come into play: There are no personnel or other ancillary costs, as the processes "evaluation of data" and "generation of nutrition and training plans" are fully automated. The combination of high tech, precision and speed in the determination of the relevant data creates an indispensable added value for studio, practice or company as well as for member, patient or employee.  

For illustration, a uVida Food analysis can be used: The measurement itself takes about 5 minutes and costs between 100 and 150 euros. After the measurement, the finished concept is made available digitally and the corresponding plans can be directly downloaded in the uVida Feel Good Box shipped to your home. After about 6 months, the investment has paid for itself. Further income can be generated, for example, through regular campaign days in companies or clubs.

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