The path to individualized nutrition in your facility through metabolic analyses.

More than ever, customers are looking for customized solutions for their health and fitness goals!

This is exactly where the high-tech product uVida DYNOSTICS comes in with its metabolic analyses. Why are these analyses important for any healthcare facility and how can they generate additional economic success?

First, let's get to the bottom of the basics of uVida food analysis. The resting metabolism and its activity (combustion quantity) of each person is completely different and unique! This is why a breath-based analysis of the basal metabolic rate is often referred to as the "fingerprint of the metabolism". Indirect calorimetry or spirometrics can be used to decipher this "very own code" and make it visible and understandable.

Metabolic analyses form the basis for personally adapted nutrition programs. The scientific facts speak for themselves: studies show that personalized approaches significantly increase the chances of success in weight loss and improved health, among other things.
A large piece of the puzzle, why many approaches do not function durably and lastingly straight in the nourishing market, lies in the fact that already the first step, i.e. the analysis of the concrete personal metabolic parameters is not accomplished. After well over 100,000 analyses, we can reliably say that the interindividual difference between actually analyzed data and rules of thumb such as the Harris Benedict formula is up to 30%. This means, for example, that a person who wants to lose weight and tries to do so without a metabolic analysis at the beginning can usually only be doomed to failure.

With uVida, integrating metabolic analysis into your facility is a breeze.

The user-friendly uVida DYNOSTICS analyzer enables fast and precise measurement without the need for medical expertise. Within minutes, you'll receive comprehensive metabolic profiles that serve as the basis for individual nutrition planning.
Other advantages for your facility are obvious: uVida also offers you upselling options at the touch of a button, without tying up additional staff. In addition, if required, the uVida app can also be used to provide aftercare for your customers, which generates additional revenue for you and at the same time saves you additional effort.

By offering uVida metabolic analyses, you differentiate yourself from competitors and position yourself as a pioneer in the industry and that with the perennial topic: nutrition tailored to the individual!
This not only attracts new customers, but also increases the satisfaction and loyalty of existing customers.
uVida offers extensive support through its academy to further increase your economic success. With customized marketing materials and training, you can optimally market your offer and provide your customers with an outstanding service.

Simply put: with uVida, from NOW on, you can cover the entire subject block "nutrition - nutrition planning - nutrition tracking and optional aftercare" in addition, easily, quickly and with minimal effort!

Discover the world of smart metabolic analyses with uVida and use the potential for your economic and customer-oriented success!

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