Losing weight made easy.

Do you want to lose weight and finally achieve your personal feel-good goal?

Then you've found your solution with uVida! With its metabolic analyses and the uVida app they offer the perfect tool to effectively lose weight.

uVida analyzes your individual metabolism via your breath and creates a tailor-made nutrition plan based on the results. No more rigid diets or non-personalized nutritional concepts, but a strategy tailored to you that helps you lose weight healthily and keep it off in the long term.


Individual solutions for individual problems

uVida's metabolic analyses allow you to determine your exact calorie consumption and adjust your diet accordingly. This means you know exactly how many calories you should consume in order to reach your target weight. Because don't forget: there is not only the risk of consuming too much energy, but also the increasingly common problem that too little calorie intake can cause your energy metabolism to fall asleep and you end up in a vicious circle. Depending on the results of your analysis, we can help you avoid falling into these traps.

In addition, uVida also takes your individual metabolic peculiarities into account. You will find out how your body reacts to certain nutrients and which foods suit you best. This allows you to optimize your diet and achieve better results.


Start your individual weight loss journey with the uVida partners

With uVida, you also have access to an extensive recipe database and receive regular tips and tricks to keep your motivation high. You won't be left alone, but will receive the support you need to lose weight successfully.

Don't wait any longer and start your weight loss journey with uVida today. Use one of our uVida partners, which you will find numerous in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to enjoy all the benefits and thus reach your goals more efficiently and faster.

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