BIA's and metabolic analyzes - addition or contradiction

Generally speaking, the question in the title can be answered clearly with "addition". Both analysis systems stand for the detection of different physiological parameters of a person.

Bioimpedance analysis (BIA) and uVida metabolic analysis complement each other for every healthcare facility and are an enrichment for the end customer. Together, they offer a comprehensive solution to help customers get the most out of their situation and improve the care they receive.


What can BIA do?

The BIA measures the body's resistance to electrical current to provide information about body composition and hydration levels. This method is quick and non-invasive. It provides important data on fat mass, muscle mass and the proportion of water in the body. This gives healthcare facilities a quick way of determining a person's current condition.

What can uVida metabolic analysis do?

In contrast to this and as a congenial complement, uVida metabolic analyses offer insights into the body's energy consumption and a person's current metabolic situation. This is only possible by analysing the respiratory gases and the volumes of oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide release. Based on this, all institutions and individuals working in the health market have the option of even more precise individualization of nutrition and training plans. And all at the touch of a button and personalized to the customer's respective goal.

A very valuable difference between uVida metabolic analyses and other analysis tools is that you can determine and screen a person's actual condition and changes over certain periods of time, but you can also pass on clear recommendations for action from the analyzed values to the customer so that the next steps in implementation are clear from the first step of the analysis.

BIA and uVida metabolic analyses

The combination of both methods enables a holistic view of health and the ability to observe changes.

All in all

The BIA provides information on body composition and hydration, while uVida analyzes metabolism and energy consumption. This enables health facilities not only to create optimal nutrition and training plans, but also to monitor the progress of their customers.

This partnership between BIA and uVida leads to optimal customer care and satisfaction, which in turn increases the economic success of the facilities.

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