About us

Who is uVida? Here we give you a little insight into our vision and introduce you to our partners.

Our goal

Wud you know that? 95% of all recreational athletes simply run past their feel-good destination. 

They usually train in pulse ranges that are far too high and eat according to rules of thumb, use inaccurate measurement methods and therefore don't get any closer to their desired goals.  

You know the consequences as well as we do:

High time to change that!

Let's give your body a voice and ask it: How are you?

With uVida metabolic analyses, we want you to get to know your body like never before. With this newly acquired knowledge about yourself, achieving any goal will be child's play. Whether you are running your first 5 km race or your 10th marathon, whether you want to lose 20 kg, feel fitter or simply live more consciously - uVida is for you! 

Our way

We started in 2016 with the DYNOSTICS brand with a strong focus on selling our analysis device to business partners. Since 2022, we have been operating under the uVida brand, with increased support for end customers who have analyses carried out by our partners. In consultation with our uVida partners, we want to share our training and nutrition approach with end customers and support them in implementing it after the analysis with our uVida app. 

Our old Dynostics brand lives on as the name of our analysis devices, which are now called uVida Dynostics. Our team of 15 colleagues is based in Hopferbach in the Allgäu region. At least in part, because we are of course also europe-wide on the road a lot to introduce uVida to as many people as possible!

Our partners

Teamwork is not only important during training, but also in the development of innovative products to support training.

Technology made in Germany!

The KNESTEL Group has been developing and producing electronic and mechatronic customer-specific solutions for over 40 years. The Allgäu-based company is a specialist and competent development partner of uVida. The uVida Dynostics system is developed and produced exclusively in Germany.

University of Leipzig

The uVida Dynostics analysis device was developed in cooperation with the University of Leipzig (Institute for Sports Medicine and Prevention). The institute focuses on teaching, research and patient care in the field of spiroergometry. The existing cooperation includes in particular the exchange of scientific and technological expertise. The uVida Food & Activity platforms have been developed and adapted with input from the Institute. This development is constantly supported by means of critical feedback and the measurement results are subjected to a content and usage-related review. In close cooperation, the measurement system and the evaluation logic are tested for validity and reliability. 


Sports science background

Sports science background

The development is also supported by a team of sports and nutrition scientists and doctors from our expert network. These experts have many years of experience in the evaluation and interpretation of respiratory gas analyses and are specialists in their field. Our internal uVida Academy team, consisting of sports and nutrition scientists, also constantly contributes its know-how to the further development of uVida. 

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We look forward to coordinating your offer with you and resolving any outstanding issues. 

Great, let's talk!

We look forward to coordinating your offer with you and resolving any outstanding issues.