DYNO TV #1: Topics from power and metabolic analysis

These videos were created under our old brand name DYNOSTICS. However, as the content is still valid despite the new brand, you can still find them here!

DYNO TV: Why are we doing the channel?

Individualized training that takes into account personal performance and individual metabolism is state of the art in the fitness sector today, but there is often a lack of specialist knowledge and experience to design targeted training plans. However, half-knowledge does more harm than good for sports enthusiasts who want to train effectively: With our team of qualified sports scientists, we have therefore made it our mission to make our experience in training and nutrition accessible and to explain technical terms in a generally understandable way. We would like to familiarize you with the most important terms from performance and metabolic analysis and encourage you to train effectively.


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DYNO TV: What's behind it?

People today want to know more and more about themselves, their individual performance and the specifics of their metabolism in order to optimize their sports sessions. Metabolism is a big topic anyway: not just when it comes to training, but also when it comes to losing weight or a generally healthier lifestyle.

However, without an exact performance and metabolic analysis, effective strength or endurance training with the creation of individual nutrition plans is hardly possible. Not all the information you find on the internet on these topics is of high quality and expert knowledge - much of the information you find is outdated or simply wrong.

We want to make up for this lack of information with our video series. Not only to clear up dangerous half-knowledge that does more harm than good to interested sports enthusiasts - we also want to share with you the great pleasure we at uVida take in our work, report on our experiences in the training sector and explain technical terms in a way that everyone can understand. To this end, we are making our expertise available in the form of topic-related videos that explain in a simple and easy-to-understand way what terms such as spiroergometry, lactate test, anaerobic threshold or respiratory gas analysis are actually about, what they mean for targeted training and how you can benefit from personalized training recommendations. We hope you enjoy it!


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