DYNO TV #3: What is spiroergometry?

These videos were created under our old brand name DYNOSTICS. However, as the content is still valid despite the new brand, you can still find them here!

What is spiroergometry?

One As spiroergometry is a sports medicine measurement procedure in which all important respiratory gases are recorded and analyzed under stress and pulse measurement. It is used to assess the metabolic parameters of the person being tested, from which conclusions can be drawn about their general training condition and individual performance. Effective training in the appropriate performance range is not possible without recording these parameters. By evaluating the collected data, individualized training plans can be created in a very short time, which are particularly important for activating the metabolism and endurance training.


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Spiroergometry explained in detail

The Respiratory gas analysis under load counts in addition to the Lactate measurement in modern sports medicine and sports science is one of the most informative examination methods in cardiopulmonary diagnostics. It is even more important when it comes to Performance and metabolic diagnostics It enables sport, exercise and training to be designed individually and optimally for each test person on the basis of the values recorded.

If a Breathing gas analysis under stress carried out, one speaks of a As spiroergometry.
In principle, the same respiratory values are recorded as in spirometry, but the subject's pulse is also measured. The measurement can be carried out classically on an ergometry device (cycle ergometer), but also in other stress situations, such as on a treadmill or during outdoor training. The creation of a As spiroergometry is no longer a particular challenge today, as the technical possibilities and measuring devices have developed significantly in recent years. The latest smart measuring devices are highly developed and have a consistently high measurement accuracy that is in no way inferior to that of traditional sports medicine examinations. The results of the As spiroergometry the "medicine" movement can be perfectly dosed.

In order to create an optimal training plan for a specific person, the trainer uses the relevant measured respiratory gas values - in addition to the proportion of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the air breathed and the tidal volume, these are all those from which health-related and metabolism-relevant physical processes can be derived. With the help of the uVida Activity function, these values can not only be determined quickly and easily, but also interpreted: Spirometry allows you to find out up to what intensity of exertion a body works in fat metabolism and from what exertion it switches to carbohydrate metabolism. With uVida Activity, it is immediately possible to create individualized training recommendations, especially for activating the metabolism and endurance training.

The recommendations are based on the latest findings in sports medicine and defined training areas. These take into account important metabolic parameters in order to adapt the training precisely to the abilities and regeneration capacity of the person training. For example, in the area of Basic endurance 1 (GA1) the fat metabolism particularly well, in the area of GA2 one Increased performance achieve, in the Development area (E) Interval training and in the Regeneration area (R) provide the right balance after hard work. If you are preparing for competition training, you can even get the Tip area (S) the corresponding tips.

Of course, uVida Activity also ensures that you do not overtrain: An individually tailored training program by observing the anaerobic threshold, maximum oxygen uptake and sufficient regeneration guarantee an optimal dose of training sessions with maximum effect.

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