DYNO TV #4: Lactate test vs. spiroergometry

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Lactate test vs. spiroergometry

The individual performance of athletes can be determined using two methods: With the As spiroergometry and with the Lactate test. The Lactate test measures the concentration of lactate, which is produced during lactic acid fermentation and is used by the body to generate energy without oxygen. From the Lactate measurement can be used to determine the lactate threshold, from which the training zone with the highest performance can be derived. The As spiroergometry individual performance, on the other hand, is determined by a Respiratory gas analysis under stress. Both methods can be used to gain important insights into personal performance, which As spiroergometry has the advantage, however, of not requiring a blood sample and providing immediate training recommendations by means of automated evaluation via the DYNOSTICS analysis app.


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Advantages and disadvantages of lactate testing and spiroergometry

Lactate is a breakdown product of glucose metabolism that is produced by lactic acid fermentation. During heavy muscle exertion, lactate is used by the body to generate energy - however, this only works up to a certain threshold value, the so-called Lactate threshold or anaerobic threshold.. The body can then provide additional energy for a short time without consuming oxygen - this is also referred to as the anaerobic metabolic zone (in contrast to the aerobic metabolic zone, where oxygen is consumed). If this threshold is exceeded, lactate can no longer be broken down as quickly as it is built up. The lactate threshold is therefore an indicator of the training zone with the highest performance. Good to know: The anaerobic threshold is reached at a lactate concentration of around 4 mmol/l. Up to this threshold, mainly fats are burned, whereas at higher lactate concentrations, energy is provided by carbohydrates.

In sports physiology, lactate determination is used to assess the individual performance of athletes. This involves taking capillary blood from the finger or earlobe several times over a longer period of time in order to record changes in exertion. This is not a pleasant procedure - and compared to spiroergometry, in which many other parameters are measured, it is also less precise: meaningful and significant results can only be obtained if the test is repeated several times, and individual differences in energy utilization are hardly taken into account, which can lead to errors in the evaluation of the results.

In contrast to the Lactate test is the As spiroergometry a simple and quick procedure that does not require a blood sample: it is a respiratory gas analysis under stress in which the most important respiratory gas parameters and pulse rate are recorded and evaluated in order to determine individual performance. In addition to the classic method on a spiroergometry device, this also works very simply in the gym: in just a few minutes, a breathing gas mask and an analysis device are used to test and immediately evaluate the results. The uVida app then provides target group-oriented recommendations for training.

Lactate level tests may well make sense for competitive athletes if they want to work with the classic Spirometry complex sports medicine calculation methods can be used to achieve very useful results and define individual training zones. If you are not involved in competitive sport, the Respiratory gas analysis However, using a smart test device, the results are just as useful - and above all faster and less complicated.

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