uVida DYNOSTICS metabolic analyzer for best agers for your healthcare facility

Metabolic analyses as the key to the right path to a fit and healthy transition into the age of best agers

At a time when health is becoming increasingly important, the focus is shifting to the importance of preventive measures for active ageing. Metabolic analyses have proven to be the key to promoting a healthy lifestyle and supporting ageing in the best possible way.

The basis for preventive health management lies in the individual adaptation of exercise and diet to the requirements and possibilities of the individual. Metabolic analyses enable a fast, precise and at the same time easy-to-understand customized approach to these two pillars. The exact determination of the current metabolic situation provides insights into the body's energy consumption and metabolic processes.

It is particularly important to emphasize the need for precisely dosed exercise. Physical activity tailored to the individual metabolism not only helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, but also promotes muscle development and prevents joint problems. Metabolic analysis makes it possible to create the optimum exercise and training plan to maintain and increase physical fitness.

In addition to exercise, nutrition is known to play a central role. A diet tailored to your personal metabolic type ensures an optimal supply of nutrients and contributes to the prevention of diet-related diseases. Metabolic analysis provides valuable information about individual requirements for macronutrients such as carbohydrates and fats in particular.

A healthy metabolism is therefore the basis for an ageing process in terms of preventing and maintaining both health and general resilience. Investing in a metabolic analysis enables everyone to find a tailor-made path to a healthy lifestyle. Because only those who understand their body can promote and support it in a targeted manner.

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