uVida - The key to more individuality in the gym!

Gyms are faced with the major challenge of meeting the ever-increasing demands of customers and offering effective solutions for achieving their individual fitness goals. And, if possible, without additional personnel costs.

This is exactly where uVida comes in, offering a comprehensive solution for gyms to provide their customers with customized nutrition and training strategies.

The process is simple: through the uVida Food analyses, customers receive a real-time determination of their metabolic situation at rest and their current calorie consumption. Based on the results and the customer's goal, the uVida app customized nutrition plans that help customers achieve their goals without detours. Customers have access to a large recipe database and can customize their meals. This offers a practical, immediately ingerable and effective solution for a healthy diet. And WITHOUT tying up staff!

With uVida Activity you can also implement a professional solution for individualized endurance training in your daily studio routine. Once again, the customer's breathing is the key to determining not only their individual anaerobic threshold but also their individual heart rate zones, among other things. Based on this, the uVida app creates tailored training plans to help customers optimize their training and achieve their sporting and health goals. The regular reminders of exercise sessions ensure constant motivation.

Away from rules of thumb and rigid concepts - towards high customer satisfaction with uVida!

The benefits for gyms are manifold: the uVida app offers a simple and intuitive user interface that allows customers to track their progress and stay motivated. The uVida app has extensive and individualized reporting functions that make it possible to visualize the success of customers. In this way, uVida does away with rigid concepts and rules of thumb and focuses on people and their uniqueness. This helps our partners to Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

A best practice example is the fitness studio J+Just MORE around Stefan Polzer's team. Like many other uVida customers, they have easily and successfully integrated the profitable services into their list of offers.

Overall, uVida offers an innovative win-win solution for integrating the entire topic of nutrition, for example, simply, quickly and sustainably into everyday gym life. The uVida app enables seamless integration into customers' everyday lives and offers fitness studios the opportunity to improve their service and generate further economic success.

Discover the world of smart metabolic analysis with uVida and use the potential for your customer-oriented success and to increase your sales!

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