Do you know what information lies in your breath?

Get to know uVida your breath and learn what important information it carries!

In this day and age, the Internet is an inexhaustible source of information. But especially when it comes to health, exercise and nutrition, there are many half-truths  and dangerous half-knowledge circulating. uVida clears this up and provides you with scientifically sound facts. Today on the subject of breath.It is fascinating how much important information about our body and our health is contained directly in our breath. Learn how uVida uses this information to your advantage in this blog article.


The human breath as an important source of information

Our breath consists of far more parameters than just oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

In fact, our respiratory gases contain much more important information about our metabolism and health. The composition of our respiratory gases can provide information about how efficiently our body burns energy, how well it can access the important fat metabolism and process the nutrients we take in. This information can help us target our diet and exercise to optimize our health.

Did you know that the frequency of your breathing per minute can already tell you a lot about your physical condition? We'll get to that in more detail in an upcoming blog post.


uVida translates these breathing gases into a language you can understand

Crucial information for your nutrition and training will be explained and made directly actionable for you: The analysis of your respiratory gases will show you how easy certain steps for your health become when you listen to the voice of your body. Based on this data, uVida creates customized recommendations for nutrition and exercise. This way, people can optimally support their metabolism and improve their health in a targeted manner.

Conclusion: Our breath is an extremely valuable source of information about our metabolism.

Trust uVida and discover the valuable information hidden in your breath. Don't wait any longer and start your health journey with uVida today. Use one of our uVida partners, which you will find numerous in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to enjoy all the benefits and thus reach your goals more efficiently and faster.

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