Discover the holistic journey to a healthy lifestyle!

Much more than just an analytical instrument manufacturer!

At uVida it's not just about making high-quality analytical instruments. We are much more than that! Together with our partners, we accompany you on the path to a healthy and fit lifestyle. Our vision goes far beyond metabolic analyses and encompasses the entire journey - from analysis, to assessment, to individual recommendations and digital support.


uVida Activity 

Discover your full potential! Our metabolic analyses under physical activity provide you with valuable insights for your training, so that you don't make any unnecessary mistakes when losing weight, improving performance or on the healthy path to becoming a Best Ager.

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uVida Food

Individual nutrition strategies for you! Our analysis device allows a precise determination of your current metabolic situation simply by breathing. On this basis, we develop a personalized nutrition strategy together with you. Forget standard solutions - at uVida everything revolves around your unique needs!

Digital Support

Always at your side! With our uVida app we accompany you together with our partners on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Get personalized recommendations, create workout plans, track your progress, and get valuable tips - all right on your phone!

Strong together

uVida and its partners! We believe in the power of collaboration. That's why we work closely with health facilities such as gyms, physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, rehabcenters and more. Together with our partners, we form a strong network so that you are always professionally cared for.


Join us!

Join the uVida community and find the key to a customized nutrition and training strategy. Let's discover the full potential of your body together and reach your individual goals!

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We look forward to coordinating your offer with you and resolving any outstanding issues.