From passive to active therapeutic measures

We are often faced with the challenge of guiding our patients from passive to active therapeutic measures. Experience shows that a holistic and digital approach is crucial to achieving sustainable results, taking patients by the hand in the long term and thus showing them the path to true prevention.

This is exactly where our groundbreaking tool uVida DYNOSTICS for your facility.

With uVida DYNOSTICS, we offer a high-quality and unique solution that is understandable for everyone, bridging the gap between passive and active therapy measures and easily expanding the service portfolio. Our innovative technology enables precise metabolic analysis using Breathing gas measurement. This provides our partners with valuable information about the individual metabolism of their patients so that the topics of nutrition and training in exercise therapy can be even more individualized and thus optimized.

uVida Food

uVida Food gives you the opportunity to implement the entire topic of nutrition in your facility. Starting with the analysis, through the real time results to the optional support via the uVida app, as our partner you can get started immediately. And all of this without additional personnel costs and in the shortest possible time. Based on the individual metabolic values, uVida creates customized nutritional recommendations that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your patients. This not only promotes successful therapy, but also increases patient satisfaction and loyalty.

uVida Activity

uVida Activity offers you the chance to take exercise therapy to a new level. The individual pulse ranges and exercise in aerobic, non-acidic exercise intensity are determined in order to always be able to maintain an optimal dosage - depending on the patient's condition. As we all know, the systemic stress of people in a rehabilitative phase has a very large positive influence on healing behavior.

As always, it's all about the HOW?

Here is another interesting study on the subject of medication versus exercise:

The highlight: As briefly mentioned earlier, uVida allows you to integrate this holistic approach without additional personnel costs. This is because the smart control of our metabolic analyses at rest and during physical activity does not require any expertise. Subsequently, the uVida app make your patients independent and motivate them to lead an active lifestyle. This takes the pressure off your team, creates space for further therapeutic measures and paves the way for re-tests.

Get started with uVida DYNOSTICS today and experience how our metabolic analyses can further boost the holistic approach in your practice! Together we can create an even healthier future!

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