Personal training with the uVida DYNOSTICS breathing analyzer

Even more success in personal training with the uVida DYNOSTICS breathing analyzer

Thanks to the precise metabolic analyses, uVida DYNOSTICS enables personal trainers to provide their clients with professional support and create customized training and nutrition strategies. This not only leads to more satisfied customers, but also creates the basis for long-term loyalty. Easy integration into everyday working life and the ability to monitor progress make it possible to optimize their services and thus increase not only satisfaction but also sales.

Field report of a Personal Trainer how to use metabolic analyses in a solution-oriented and profitable way

A recent interview with Stephanie Fiedler provides fascinating insights into the application of the uVida DYNOSTICS respiratory analyzer for your Personal trainer studio. Mrs. Fiedler shares her experiences and emphasizes the convincing advantages that the device offers in her everyday working life. 

Who are you and what do you do?

I am Stephanie Fiedler, a personal trainer from the Berlin area. Specializing in therapeutic personal training and functional strength training, I advise clients in my own personal training studio in Altlandsberg. Here my clients can find everything they need to know about nutrition, sport, relaxation and recovery. 

How do you use the uVida DYNOSTICS product?

Most of my new customers "have to" start with a uVida Food Analysis to create a status quo. I include it directly in the initial consultation and plan re-tests after 3 months. For example, I put together packages of all kinds. 10 personal training cards, including initial analysis and 1x re-test at the end of the term. The visual representation of the metabolic situation helps my clients (and me in the explanation) to understand what is actually going on with their metabolism and which adjustments we need to make. Based on this, we then plan the uVida Activity Analysis so that we can also define the "perfect" pulse ranges for training.

What was the goal?

My goal with uVida DYNOSTICS is to show people visually how their personal metabolism works and how we can positively influence it. I use it as a USP in my environment and as an upselling tool for existing customers. Customers become "curious" when I offer the activity analysis in our studio and that's how I create new customers.

Target achieved? Or even more?

I have been able to generate good additional sales with uVida DYNOSTICS and customers feel "safe" with me and are therefore happy to recommend me to others. So yes, goal fully achieved.

How do you integrate uVida DYNOSTICS?

Always in great demand as a promotion or on special days (metabolism days). I usually plan metabolism days every six months, where customers are tested one after the other. I use it for company analyses, during the lunch break with employees and the evaluation is sent later. So it's also a way for employers to retain their employees, and this is where many new customers are found for courses, personal training or further nutritional advice.


The uVida metabolic analyzer offers personal trainers a number of advantages in their everyday work. Precise metabolic analysis using respiratory gas measurement provides them with comprehensive insights into the individual energy consumption and turnover of their customers. This allows training and nutrition plans to be customized to achieve optimal results. With a sound basis on metabolic status, personal trainers can target the needs of their clients and develop personalized strategies to ensure effective progress. The uVida metabolic analyzer thus becomes an indispensable tool to professionalize the consulting service and increase client satisfaction.

uVida Food: Tailor-made nutritional recommendations 

The introduction of uVida Food enables personal trainers to integrate the entire field of nutrition into their services. From analysis to optional support via the uVida app, you get immediate access to precise, individualized metabolic values. This not only leads to improved therapy results, but also increases patient satisfaction. 

uVida ActivityTraining and exercise on a new level

With uVida Activity the training is optimized. The determination of individual pulse ranges, non-acidic exercise intensity and training in fat metabolism enables precise dosing, depending on the customer's current condition. This means that personal trainers can take their studio to an even higher level with one tool and several offers.

uVida DYNOSTICS: Integration of the holistic approach to personal training

With metabolic analyses of uVida DYNOSTICS personal trainers are setting a milestone towards a holistic approach. The smart control of metabolic analyses at rest and during physical activity requires no expertise, enabling seamless integration without additional effort. The optional uVida app also supports customers independently, promotes an active lifestyle and creates space for further customized training measures.

Simple integration, added value for everyone 

The easy integration into everyday working life is another advantage. With a duration of between 5-20 minutes, the analyses are also no time wasters. uVida metabolic analyses not only create space for further training measures, but also pave the way for new tests to check the progress of clients. In this way, personal trainers can easily expand their range of services and create the basis for customized support that paves the way to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Interesting, isn't it? Would you like to find out more about metabolic analysis with uVida DYNOSTICS? Then take a look at our Website over or make a non-binding free consultation appointment to find out how you can use the device in your studio. 


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