uVida - The key to more individuality in the gym!

Fitness studios are faced with the major challenge of meeting the ever-increasing demands of customers and offering effective solutions for achieving their individual fitness goals. And preferably without additional personnel costs. This is exactly where uVida comes in, offering a comprehensive solution for gyms to provide their customers with customized nutrition and training strategies. The process is simple: the uVida Food [...]

The path to individualized nutrition in your facility through metabolic analyses.

More than ever, customers are looking for customized solutions for their health and fitness goals! This is exactly where the high-tech product uVida DYNOSTICS comes in with its metabolic analyses. Why are these analyses important for every healthcare facility and how can they generate additional economic success? First, let's get to the bottom of the basics of uVida Food analysis. [...]

How you can optimize your revenue and holistic health or therapy concept with uVida metabolic analyses

What can uVida metabolic analyses do? The importance of metabolic analysis via respiratory gases is undisputed. This scientifically based method (indirect calorimetry), which has been used in practice for decades, provides comprehensive and precise information about a person's individual metabolism. In contrast to stored rules of thumb in fitness trackers and other analysis tools, this gives providers in the health and fitness market the [...]

The new trend: profit-generating analytical devices in health and fitness facilities

The uVida DYNOSTICS metabolic analysis device with its two functions uVida Food and uVida Activity is a mobile, smart and innovative tool that represents a perfect alternative to the familiar sports medicine analysis options. For companies in the health and fitness sector, it offers an excellent opportunity for long-term customer loyalty. The investment costs are so low that the purchase is usually already [...]

What is the benefit of a metabolic analysis at rest?

Customers of fitness studios or personal trainers have different needs: For some, the focus is on building muscle, strength and endurance, while others expect to improve their health or want to lose a few excess kilos. For this second target group in particular, a professionally conducted metabolic analysis brings great benefits [...]

Metabolism as a recipe for success: Analytics for more members

Individual training ensures effective results Metabolic analysis provides the trainer with an insight into a person's personal metabolic situation and performance. This allows training to be tracked more effectively and the associated training goals to be achieved more quickly. Metabolic analysis Metabolic or respiratory gas analysis is used in training to analyze the metabolism in detail. The parameters used in the [...]

uVida Talks | Webinars on Metabolism, Exercise and Nutrition

Have you been wanting to lose weight, build muscle or improve your performance for a long time, but haven't got any closer to your goal? Physical fitness starts and ends in the mind. Only the right amount of exercise and a healthy diet can harmonize body and mind. We, the uVida Academy, a team of qualified sports scientists, [...]

Medical Fitness only with metabolic analysis

For some years now, therapeutic and health-oriented concepts have no longer been a novelty in the fitness market. Names such as "medical fitness" and "health center" are now familiar to most people and are often dedicated to either so-called best agers or people with physical problems. Goals such as regaining physical fitness for everyday life, reducing acute and chronic pain and [...]

Lactate test vs. spiroergometry - both methods in comparison

Lactate test vs. spiroergometry If you want to make your personal training more professional, sooner or later you will be faced with the question of how best to determine your individual training zones. Two different methods are available for this, which are presented and compared here: Spiroergometry and lactate performance diagnostics. But first - what results should the two [...]

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