uVida - Schluss mit Faustformeln

No more rules of thumb!

The age of metabolic analysis for your personal success has begun with uVida!

Why shouldn't we use commonly accepted formulas these days? Quite simply:

Because each of us is unique and most of the deposited formulas, such as the Harris Benedict formula, are completely outdated and no longer fit today's society!

Every body reacts differently to different workouts and nutrition strategies.What works for one may be ineffective for another. But that's where uVida comes in. Because your breath. makes all the difference!

Thanks to state-of-the-art metabolic analyses made understandable by uVida and the individual recommendations, we ensure with our partners that your personal history and needs are taken into account. Thus, with the uVida community, every workout and every nutrition strategy is tailored to you and your goals.

No longer being left in the dark!

Let uVida help you discover your body's full potential and effectively achieve your goals. Say goodbye to outdated assumptions and standardized approaches.


Harness the power of analytics for your success!

Join the uVida community and start your personalized journey to a fitter and healthier life today!

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